CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

Hornet Cutting Systems manufacturers high performance CNC plasma pipe cutting machines built for speed and accuracy. Our line of pipe cutting machines are designed to cut pipes ranging from 1″ up to 24″ in diameter. Each of our CNC pipe cutting machines can be configured for plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting or both.

High Performance CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

Compare CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine Models

Machine Roto Hornet 1000 Roto Hornet 2000 Roto Combo 2000
Max. Cutting Diameter 14in 24in >24in
Max. Cutting Length >40ft >40ft
Rotary Tube Pro Software Yes Yes Yes
Machine Type Standalone Standalone Attachment for Mega Hornet 2000

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Increase Productivity

Our CNC plasma pipe cutting machines are designed to boost your bottom line by including a pipe handling system with pipe cutting software and HyperTherm’s plasma cutting technology. The result of this unique innovation is a pipe cutting machine built to streamline your process and improve efficiency.

Machine Cutting vs. Hand Cutting
Still not convinced our CNC pipe cutting machine will increase production? Consider how machine cutting performs better by:

  • producing a more accurate cut
  • 产生一个更清洁的削减,减少潜在的第二ary processes
  • cutting highly complex shapes including miters, copes, saddles, hillsides and more
  • cutting more pipe in less time
  • allowing the operator to visually confirm the accuracy of finished cuts before cutting ever begins

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– Production Manager, Amusement ride manufacturer

Industrial Strength Plasma Cutting

Our customers put their Hornet Cutting Systems CNC pipe cutting machines to the test each and every day. We serve clients from a variety of industries including:

  • Amusement ride manufacturing
  • Storage tank fabricating
  • 能源设施
  • Fabrication
  • Steel fabrication
  • Process piping
  • And more

At Hornet Cutting Systems, we know your jobs demand accuracy with minimal downtime. Our rugged CNC plasma pipe cutting machines are built for durability and strength, handling the toughest of jobs. Whether you need a machine to run 8 hours a day or 24/7, we have a pipe cutting machine to fit your high demands.

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We work to understand our customers and provide them with the most efficient solution possible. Whether you’re processing pipes or fabricating steel, our CNC plasma pipe cutting machines will live up to your high demands.